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Tuesday, 13 February 2018

As a former Detective and with a high profile Mark receives almost daily contact from people asking for help . Sadly Mark is just not able to take on every case, but will take on as many case as he can . He is normally working on 6 or more serious cases at any one time.

Mark has decided alongside his TV investigations to turn some of his these into Podcasts - his fist podcast will be released in early 2019.

Recent investigations:

Mark has just returned from Kuala Lumpur where along with lawyer David Wells they investigated the suspicious death of 18 year old model Ivana Smit. The investigation determined that Ivana's death should be treated as a Homicide. This is an ongoing investigation.

Mark recently teamed up with Peter Faulding from Specialist Group International using the latest in search technology to re-investigate three unsolved murders : Nicola Payne aged 18 years who was last seen on the 14th December 1991, Sarah Benford aged 14 who was last seen on the 6th April 2000 and lee Boxall aged 15 years who was last seen on the 10th September 1998.

Mark has previously visited Srinagar, Kashmir a number of times to investigate the murder of Sarah Grove. On the 6th April 2013 Sarah viciously attacked in the bedroom of her house boat and stabbed over 40 times by her killer . My investigation uncovered new evidence and got an exclusive interview with the main suspect. This case remains ongoing with very slow progress through the Indian criminal justice system, the main suspect Richard De Wit is still on trial for her murder.

If you think Mark can help you with an unsolved case or a missing person please get in touch.

Mark also runs a Specialists Investigations company - working for private clients and companies on very sensitive investigations.

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