TV Investigations (Compilations)

TV Investigations (Compilations)

TV Investigations

Various TV Investigations

Here are just a small sample of the many TV programmes which I have appeared in.

Oscar Pistorius : The Interview Pistorius gives his account to ITV Investigative Reporter Mark Williams-Thomas of what happened the night he killed his girlfriend and is questioned about key details of the prosecution case which resulted in his conviction.

Max Clifford : The Lies An Exclusive report by Investigative Reporter Mark Williams-Thomas for Channel 4 News : The woman who sparked the investigation into Max Clifford’s sexual abuse against teenage girls has broken her silence for the first time since he was jailed for eight years.

Police Access – Child Protection Unit Investigative reporter Mark Williams-Thomas is given unique access to Hertfordshire Constabulary and Local Authority joint Child Protection Investigation Team and its investigations into neglect and child abuse.

Child Exploitation – Brazil The World Cup (2014) in Brazil a festival of colour. But the country has a darker side of drug addiction and child exploitation, as Mark Williams-Thomas reports exclusively from Recife.


Human Traffickers Mark Williams-Thomas reports for ITV This Morning from Kos in Greece . His mini investigation is focused on the issue of the human traffickers. The ‘Mr Big’s’ who are making millions.

Jeremy Bamber Found guilty in October 1986 of the murders of his parents, his sister and her six-year-old twin sons at his parents’ farmhouse in Essex. But was Bamber really guilty, Investigative Reporter Mark Williams-Thomas reveals challenging evidence . Article breaking down the evidence – Is Jeremy guilty or innocent ? Would the crime scene look like it did if Jeremy was responsible ? Read Article Here

Interpol Investigation Investigative Reporter Mark Williams-Thomas travels to Interpol HQ in Lyon, to see how they go about tracing contact child abusers through child abuse images. (contains upsetting scenes)

On The Run ITV Investigative Reporter Mark Williams-Thomas goes after criminals on the run from the police.

Special Investigation – Prisons Exclusive investigation by Mark Williams-Thomas into the security in British jails – which is a major issue – to the extent that one convicted murderer is driving prisoners unsupervised from a prison to appointments and work.

Confronted Priest Investigative Reporter Mark Williams-Thomas travels to Germany to track down and confront a priest ,who groomed a covert internet officer, who he thought was a teenage child.